“You Can’t Just Slap Some Fabric Together And Call It A Dress”: 34 Designs So Bad, They Deserved To Be Shamed On This Facebook Group (New Pics)

When it comes to fashion, we like to think we’ve got an eye for what works… and what doesn’t. The post "You Can't Just Slap Some Fabric Together And Call It A Dress": 34 Designs So Bad, They Deserved To Be Shamed On This Facebook Group (New Pics) first appeared on Bored Panda.

“You Can’t Just Slap Some Fabric Together And Call It A Dress”: 34 Designs So Bad, They Deserved To Be Shamed On This Facebook Group (New Pics)

When it comes to fashion, we like to think we’ve got an eye for what works… and what doesn’t. You’ve got to put your confidence on first! Wear your clothes—don’t let them wear you! And, please, for the love of God, have a style-savvy friend you can turn to for an honest opinion about your outfits.

‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress’ is a wonderfully funny and magical corner of the internet that documents an interesting phenomenon: the utter absence of fashion sense. Members of the Facebook group gently poke fun at strange dress designs that really don’t work. 

Stroll (or is that scroll?) down the runway for some truly mind-boggling designs, Pandas! If these won’t make you say, ‘Oh, honey, no!’ nothing will. Which dresses did you think might haunt you in your nightmares? Were there any items of clothing that you actually liked? Tell us all about it in the comments. Just remember: it’s perfectly fine to critique the dress, but don’t ever make fun of the person wearing it!

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#1 Oh- Oh My

Image credits: Juné P. Tiamatakorn

#2 Looks Like A Shower Curtain

Image credits: Nadia Altom

#3 I Do Not Understand Fashion

Image credits:

62k Facebook users make the ‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress’ online community their home. The mod and admin team stress the fact nobody there should shame bodies or people. “We also are only shaming dresses. No shoes, hats, shirts, pants, etc. We take this very seriously. Hate isn’t welcomed,” they share.

The team also has the final say on whether or not any post makes it to the group’s feed. If you find that your pic got declined, then “find an uglier dress.”

#4 Is She Coming From A Wrestling Tournament That Took Place In The Mud?

Image credits: Valeria Volpe

#5 Even The Designer Knew This Was Horrendous!

Image credits: Jay West

#6 Sleeping Bag Inspired?

Image credits: Skyy Noelle

The founder of the Facebook project, Mary Waldron, was kind enough to answer Bored Panda’s questions about the group, fashion, and dresses during a couple of chats a while ago.

Originally, the group was all about bad wedding dresses. It was only later that they expanded the scope of the page.

#7 When Ur Creepy Uncle Tries To Tickle You At The Family Reunion

Image credits: Sara Briner

#8 I Don’t Even Know What Is Going On But All This Can Be Yours For Only $1,590

Image credits: Whitney Whitney

#9 This Is From Thom Brown’s Ready To Wear Collection. Did Mickey Mouse Get Drunk And Tried On Minnie’s Clothes Before Getting Into An Bar Fight?

Image credits: Amber Sayre

“I never expected it to be such a big group, but honestly, I should have because, at the time, shaming groups were a big trend on Facebook,” she said that the group had first started getting more and more attention around six months after it was created, a couple of years ago.

#10 Wow Could This Get Uglier?

Image credits: Courtney Rene

#11 So Creative

Image credits: Nick Emuchay

#12 Idk How They Can Call This A Dress…

At first glance I seriously thought this was a burp cloth or reusable menstrual pad

Image credits: Katie O'Neill

"Looking back, I think the thing about shaming groups in general that brings people together and really resonates with them is the idea that there are things so bad out there that they feel compelled to share them with everyone for a good laugh, just like when a group of kids in school will see a teacher with a really bad tie and make a few jokes. To me, it’s that same concept, just on a much larger scale, that really makes these groups what they are,” founder Mary shared with us during an earlier interview.

#13 $800 For Old Timey Underwear, Folks

Image credits: Caitlyn Michelle Dennison

#14 I Absolutely Hate It

Image credits: Kara Wilson

#15 For Those Growing Up In The 2000s, Can We All Take A Moment To Remember Harper Finkle From Wizards Of Waverly Place? What An Icon

Image credits: Allie Marie Zayas

"The group name was actually inspired by a comment on a post in the group, ‘That’s it, I’m wedding dress shaming,’" she said.

"The group was originally just a wedding dress shaming group called ‘You Can’t Slap On A White Skirt and Call it a Wedding Dress,' but over time, as more and more people joined, I decided to allow other types of dresses.”

#16 Btw It's $1300

Image credits: Caitlyn Michelle Dennison

#17 Why Have Just One Wedding Dress When You Can Combine Ten In A Hideous Mish-Mash?

Image credits: Kate London KA

#18 Somebody Needs To Do A Wellness Check On Louis Vuitton. They Seem To Have Seriously Gone Off The Rails! The Current Collection Swings From Bdsm To Girly, Frilly Baby Doll Dresses

Image credits: Lyn Beavers

Mary said that the dresses that really get her attention (in a bad way) are the ones that look like “they could fall off, tear, or just completely malfunction at any given moment. But outside of the group, I try to keep an open mind when it comes to fashion because a person’s taste is as unique as their own.”

#19 I Want This To Be Camp So Bad But It Just Hurts

Image credits: Hint Fashion Magazine

#20 If You Took The Sleeves Off This It Wouldn't Be As Bad

Image credits: Marlaina Perez

#21 For Sale On Shein. I'm Sure Everyone Will Run Right Out And Snag This Beauty

Image credits: Judi Curington Baker

“If a dress makes you feel happy when you wear it, then you wear it relentlessly because your body is your own to dress how you want to,” she said that what’s most important is how you personally feel about your clothes, not the internet.

#22 So So Many Questions!

Image credits: Anna Phillips

#23 Not Hiding Faces Cos This Person Is Famous. Just... Um. Why?

Image credits: Matti Aveiro Dos Santos

#24 Ugh The Tiktokers Are At It Again Not Censoring Their Face B/C They’re Verified On Tiktok

Image credits: Breanna Lawther

According to Mary, the founder of ‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress,’ it can be great for a designer when their designs get a lot of attention. Whether or not the design itself is pleasing to the eye is another question entirely.

#25 I Didn’t Cover The Face Bc It’s Lizzo. I Love Her But That Is A Bed Sheet

Image credits: Lee Heisler

#26 Confused As To How They Got It On

Image credits: Jessica Griffiths

#27 Was Reading A Fb Article. Tons Of Wedding Dresses But This One Takes The Cake

Image credits: Heidi Hernandez

Meanwhile, when it comes to giving your friends fashion advice, the word to keep in mind is ‘tact.’

"I think the important thing when sharing opinions on another person’s outfits is tact, it comes across as rude if you simply say, 'Your dress is ugly' and the other person may not be as willing to listen to you, but if you were to say, 'I don’t think that dress is very flattering for your figure, try this other dress.' It sounds less critical and gives you the chance to give them a better option," she told Bored Panda.

#28 What Is This Yellow Dress Thing Whatever

Image credits: Svenja Goldhagen

#29 What In The Freshly Groomed Poodle Is This. (Ultra Famous So Haven’t Concealed Identity)

Image credits: Romi Tollman

#30 I Don’t Know What’s Worse: The Dress Or The Fact It Was Originally $895.00

Image credits: Kelley Courtney

#31 For A $1500, You Too Can Look Like Car Wash Brush

Image credits: Meltem Çoban

#32 It’s Not Giving What I Think It Thinks It’s Giving

Image credits: Ashley Palmisano

#33 I Absolutely Love Her But Yikes

Image credits: Tawnie Ogle

#34 Not Blocking Her Face Because She’s Famous, But What The Heck Is This? I Know I Would Fall Flat On My Face If I Wore This Lol

Image credits: Pamela Marie