“The Chances Of You Getting Killed By A Cat Are Low, But Never Zero”: 104 Adorably Scary Pics Of Cats And Their ‘Murder Mittens’

We often get so taken away by cats' cuteness that we forget they are actually predators. The post "The Chances Of You Getting Killed By A Cat Are Low, But Never Zero": 104 Adorably Scary Pics Of Cats And Their 'Murder Mittens' first appeared on Bored Panda.

“The Chances Of You Getting Killed By A Cat Are Low, But Never Zero”: 104 Adorably Scary Pics Of Cats And Their ‘Murder Mittens’

While scrolling through adorable kitten pictures, which is something we at Bored Panda are shamelessly guilty of, we often get so taken away by their cuteness that we forget they are actually predators.

Even a well-fed domestic cat has such a strong motivation for hunting that it will prey on birds, small mammals, and reptiles if the opportunity presents itself.

Luckily, the subreddit 'Murder Mittens' is here to remind us that these two characteristics — quirky fluffiness and a ferocious thirst for blood — can coexist.

Even though the online community is quite young even by Reddit's standards (it was established in 2018), it already unites 195K members and since they keep posting pictures of sharp paws, I guess the number will only rise.

#1 Our Local Pet Shelter Just Shared This Pic Of The Teeniest Murder Mittens I've Ever Seen

Image credits: sonjasrevenge

#2 So Dramatic

Image credits: lskxpp

#3 He’s Trying To Lure Me Under The Bed With Red Balloons

Image credits: Slamtastick

#4 I Think Poe Is Flipping Me Off

Image credits: paigedaly

#5 Kitty Just Wants Pets

Image credits: muchtimeandspace

#6 Fur Cactus Prevents Man From Making Bed

Image credits: FallOfTheThrall

#7 Eek Casually Flexin’ The Claws

Image credits: Vast_Plant_1681

#8 Small Guy, Big Claws

Image credits: theylovelunaa

#9 I Was Told You Guys Would Appreciate Rasmodius's Murder Mittens! He's One Of My Foster Kittens! He Loves To Play!

Image credits: literarylilly

#10 I Work At A Cat Rescue In Detroit And This Mama Gave Birth In My Bed 2 Weeks Ago Today. Here Are Two Of Her Itty Bitty Murder Machines!

Image credits: Vast_Plant_1681

#11 I Have Activated The Claw Trap

Image credits: tb0ne1915

#12 Sometimes Claws Aren't Enough To Get The Message Across

Image credits: MadMadBunny

#13 She Slowly Lifted Her Paw, Dragged Her Claws On My Hand Until One Sunk In, And Then Rested Her Arm There For A While; The Audacity

Image credits: tilthevoidstaresback

#14 The Teeniest Of Murder Mittens Plotting His Escape Into The Big World

Image credits: Im_Asia

#15 You Can't Hide From The Murder Mittens

Image credits: meek_sh

#16 Press The Central Pad To Deploy

Image credits: FleetAdmiralWiggles

#17 Was Told Ursula’s Tiny Murder Mittens Belonged Here

Image credits: harperking

#18 Four Week Old Wednesday Resorts To Violence To Get Her Way

Image credits: Colar

#19 The Paw Of A Lion

Image credits: raijin90

#20 Hand Drawn Murder Mittens

Image credits: nikitahere

#21 My Baby Murphy Had The Tiniest Murder Mittens

Image credits: maya_loves_cows

#22 Meet Patch

Image credits: FitProblem6248

#23 Murder Mittens Gripping The Food Bowl

Image credits: Jelly18Bean

#24 I Shall Delete Everything

Image credits: TarynHK

#25 Three Hour Old Murder Mittens! I Work At A Cat Rescue, Took In A Pregnant Mama Last Night To Temporarily Foster, And Woke Up To Kittens In My Bed This Morning!

Image credits: Vast_Plant_1681

#26 When She’s Relaxed But Also Doesn’t Want You To Forget The Potential To Murder

Image credits: stinkyspacebaby

#27 How Is Gus 89% Feet?

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 The Claw

Image credits: stonerbunniixo

#29 My Baby Girl When I Found Her Back In June

Image credits: Vanityandwrath

#30 She Likes To Hold Hands… If You Can Take It

Image credits: canadianartfart

#31 I Often Photograph Tracks When I'm Out Hiking. Found Enough Murder Mittens To Raise My Pulse. Fresh Mountain Lion Print. Claws Definitely Visible

Image credits: Philodices

#32 My Fierce Lil Voidlet!

Image credits: Brooksy925

#33 10 Out Of 10 !!

Image credits: hey-and-bye

#34 Little Claw; Big Thumb

Image credits: izzysolidarity

#35 My Little Girl Baking Biscuits In The Sun

Image credits: Forrestape

#36 Even In Her Sleep

Image credits: NerdyTiredLibrarian

#37 He’s Threatening To Take My Door Off The Hinges

Image credits: AreYouWildAsMe

#38 The Void Hungers

Image credits: WallOfDeath

#39 Murder Claws And Disney Eyes

Image credits: Toni_Rizzo

#40 The Tiniest Chomp

Image credits: _Dudexh_

#41 Caught Mid Biscuit Making

Image credits: _shes_a_jar

#42 I Was Told This Guy Might Belong Here

Image credits: Unlucky_Entrance_512

#43 I'm Being Threatened While Trying To Work From Home

Image credits: usingreddithurtsme

#44 Talk To The Mitten!

Image credits: dvalpat

#45 Cora Would Like To Know If Her Mittens Are Legal Or Not

Image credits: timetowom

#46 Ow That's My Knee!

Image credits: cutekittie2

#47 Baby Reggie Void And His Murder Mittens

Image credits: NerdyChick182

#48 He Is Really Gentle. But My God, He Has Scary Murder Mittens

Image credits: HaruAndTheVOID

#49 They Don't Call Him Charlie Scissorpaws For Nothing!

Image credits: llamafarma73

#50 Small Boy, Big Mitts

Image credits: mousewater

#51 I Was Nearly Attacked By A Tiger At Work Today

Image credits: MyCatHasCats

#52 Mama Asparagus Does A Murder Mitten Stretch!

Image credits: Vast_Plant_1681

#53 Jeepers Creepers Where Did You Get Those Eyes?

Image credits: gloriousbeautypig

#54 This Is Chub. Chub Likes To Show Off His Claws

Image credits: suspicious-banana1

#55 A Little Flash Of Mits While Staying Cozy

Image credits: nicolereadsit

#56 She Has The Softest Murder Mittens

Image credits: Limosa

#57 Little Leo

Image credits: clear-cutoffense3

#58 Murder Mitten On The Kitchen Cabinet. It’s His Safe Space, No One Is Welcome

Image credits: ProfessionalLine6

#59 Bean Casually Showing His Claws

Image credits: Nightfall5029

#60 Ready To Murder

Image credits: dankdiscofrog

#61 I Love This Goofball More Than Anything

Image credits: Ok_Criticism_6134

#62 "Go Ahead... Poke Me Again, Human"

Image credits: MorrisBrett514

#63 Our New Kitten, Stiorra

Image credits: Samdinavian

#64 Sometimes Salem Likes To Hold My Finger Out Of Love. Most Times It's A Threat

Image credits: Carnalvore86

#65 Took A Nap And Woke Up To This

Image credits: os-sesamoideum

#66 Winston When We Spent Too Long Out Of The House

Image credits: justjeffisfine

#67 Got My First Shot Of Those Murder Mittens! **which Prompted Me To Trim Them After Breakfast ?

Image credits: sssssalamander

#68 No Escape (And Who Would Want To?)

Image credits: Jman12304

#69 Thistle Flashes Her Mitts While Attacking This Floating Ebi Nigiri

Image credits: iminthemoodforlug

#70 My MIL’s House Panther And His Murder Mittens

Image credits: MauginZA

#71 Dolores

Image credits: GSiepker

#72 Loki, Prince Of Darkness, Defending His Bat-Cave

Image credits: tirali11

#73 Basil Is So Ready To Supervise The Build Of The New Pig Shelter

Image credits: TicTocTequila

#74 They Only Come Out When He's Been Hitting The Nip

Image credits: PipsqueakPilot

#75 When I Don’t Convert My Standing Desk To A Sitting Desk (Cat Bed A La Lap) Fast Enough, The Threats Come Out

Image credits: Accomplished_echo933

#76 Just One Claw From Each Mitten

Image credits: 8flowercat8

#77 Orange Gollum Of The Carpet Cave Has Had Enough Of Your S**t

Image credits: Disobeybee

#78 Toe Splay

Image credits: bluecloudcastles

#79 My Boss Is Such A Micromanager!

Image credits: triblogcarol

#80 Scroll Right

Image credits: aidarchikable

#81 Murder Mitten In The Closet

Image credits: twistingturtle

#82 Murder Mittens With Bonus Blep

Image credits: BloodyCattie

#83 I Will Never Love Anything As Much As Vesemir Loves His Tail

Image credits: Ninjacatasaurus

#84 18 Years Old But Never Defenseless

Image credits: Puzzleheaded_Row4958

#85 So Sweet Yet So Sharp

Image credits: _Mikomihokina_

#86 I Wouldn't Let Him Eat The Lizard He Found In The House

Image credits: tardisnottardy

#87 I Just Found This Sub. His Name Is Spicy And You Know Exactly Why

Image credits: melberries

#88 Beware Of Drumstick!

Image credits: Exidor

#89 I Was Told That My Fearsome Baby Belongs Here

Image credits: marihono

#90 Mr Enzo Basking In The Afternoon Sun With His Murder Mittens Casually On Display

Image credits: Vequihellin

#91 The Deadly Stare For Food

Image credits: doodskop

#92 Mittens To Remind Me To Keep Petting Him

Image credits: Boring_Muffin_720

#93 Today’s Special: Tucked In Toe Bean Salad With A Side Of Murder Mittens

Image credits: frenchcat808

#94 I Dared Interrupting Her Grooming The Feetsies

Image credits: MorticiaBeaulieu

#95 Met These Tiny Murder Mittens On The Bus Today

Image credits: 9shadowcat9

#96 A Single Mitten From Freya

Image credits: shakesfistatcloud67

#97 The Mini Weapons Are Lethal ?

Image credits: stonerbunniixo

#98 He’s Ready For Battle

Image credits: BalancePillar

#99 Marv Wants To Show Me Something

Image credits: gabbath

#100 I’m Being Threatened

Image credits: rosybxbie

#101 No Skyrim, Only Me

Image credits: reddit.com

#102 Remember: Just Because I'm Asleep Doesn't Mean Your Leg Is Safe

Image credits: XBacklash

#103 When He Wants An Advance On Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Image credits: veridisquo_whoa

#104 Stretching Those Mittens

Image credits: tino3101

#105 Loki, Prince Of Darkness

#106 Just Got Back From The Vet, 10 Weeks Old, Beat Up The Vet And Vet Assistant Pretty Bad. Tired Baby Mittens

#107 Lucifer Says Step To Me I Dare Ya