“Bird Made Its Nest In My Mop”: 50 People Share Pictures Of Nests In The Most Random Places (New Pics)

While some birds opt for simpler scrape nests, for instance, others weave intricate ones, quite often in places you wouldn’t expect them to. Like the birds in these pictures did. The post “Bird Made Its Nest In My Mop”: 50 People Share Pictures Of Nests In The Most Random Places (New Pics) first appeared on Bored Panda.

“Bird Made Its Nest In My Mop”: 50 People Share Pictures Of Nests In The Most Random Places (New Pics)

Used for laying eggs and sheltering the little ones, bird nests vary in shape, size, and type. While some feathered creatures opt for a simple scrape nest by creating a shallow depression in the ground, for instance, others weave intricate ones out of twigs and other materials.

The latter kind often build their wonders of engineering in the most unusual places. They occupy everything from helmets, to car parts, swimming suits, and even traffic lights, and people have pictures to prove it. We’ve gathered some of them in this list today showing that there is no limit to their creativity when it comes to nesting locations. Scroll down to find the pictures and enjoy.

In order to understand bird behavior better and learn more about their process of building nests, Bored Panda got in touch with a professor in the Biology department at Dalhousie University, Andrew Horn. You will find his thoughts in the text below.

#1 This Goose At My Hospital Laid Eggs And Is Nesting In A Large Planter. One Of Our Maintenance Guys Built An Umbrella For Her And Set Up Nearby Water For Her

Image credits: OrangeCosmos

#2 Two Eagles Have Decided To Build A Nest Right Outside My Grandma's Window On The 12th Floor

Image credits: GogoFrenchFry

#3 A Hummingbird Built Its Nest On My Hanging Hummingbird Figurine

Image credits: lovemymaltese

“Different species choose differently, of course, but the common elements are safety from predators and access to food. For most songbirds, safety from predators calls for a well-hidden nest in a place that’s hard for predators to climb to,” Andrew Horn, a professor in the Biology department at Dalhousie University told Bored Panda.

The Celebrate Urban Birds project also pointed out that the places birds choose and the nests they build differs depending on the species. Some of them even have different roles for male and female birds when it comes to finding the best spot and building a nest.

For instance, mourning doves typically opt for a tree, but it’s the male’s responsibility to locate the right place, which then has to be approved by the female. When it comes to hummingbirds, for example, the female builds the nest without any help from the male counterpart. This species usually also builds them in trees, but might also choose bushes or a more interesting spot, such as a loop of chain or wire, as well.

#4 Baby Bird In The Mouth Of A Wolf Statue At My University

Image credits: ostrich270

#5 I'm Gonna Make A Nest Right Here

Image credits: shroobs

According to the Natural History Museum, a woodpigeon is another species that shares the workload of building a nest: the male bird brings the materials, while the female piles it on a somewhat scattered platform then used for laying eggs. Woodpigeons typically lay two eggs, each of which is then incubated by the two birds.

#6 A Robin Made Its Nest And Laid Some Eggs In The Middle Of My Hanging Basket

Image credits: Blackjack14

#7 This Bird Making Its Nest In A Mop

Image credits: mcclanedutch

#8 The Nest That Some Birds Made In My Bicycle Seat Pack While I Was Away. I’ll Take The Bus To Work As Long As They Need It

Image credits: jacobhottberry

Even though they might be used as permanent homes in some cases, nests are primarily built for laying eggs, incubating them, and raising the young. Birding Outdoors revealed that these living beings lay eggs all year round, but April, May, and June seem to be the most active months; that’s when they lay as much as 86% of eggs.

#9 People Kept Pointing Their Phones At The CCTV Camera

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#10 A Robin Has Nested Inside An MX Helmet In My Shed

Image credits: 33arig

#11 Duck Made A Nest In My Fire Pit, And Duckies Finally Hatched

Image credits: Voodoo330

The Natural History Museum pointed out that some birds, such as house martins, build their nests from mud and often do it on people’s houses, attaching them to the roof and the wall.

“Homes often offer places like eaves, holes (e.g., drainpipes), and raised but flat surfaces that are like natural nest sites, but scarcer in the wild. Also, the activity around the home can offer some protection from predators (apart from cats!),” Professor Andrew Horn explained.

#12 A Nice Wren Couple Moved Into A Hiking Boot In My Parents' Garage, And Today Their Family Grew By 5

Image credits: sarahaflijk

#13 Robin Created Nest In Back Of An Elephant Planter

Image credits: PrettyCauliflower638

#14 A Bird Sitting In A Nest In A Wild Bird Sign

Image credits: someguyontheintrnet

Prof. Andrew Horn also discussed with Bored Panda what is the best course of action upon finding a nest in an unexpected location on your property. “If there’s no eggs or nestlings in it yet, and it really can’t be there, then you can try moving it to a better location, and/or removing the nest material every time it reappears until the birds give up and nest somewhere else,” he said. “Once the nest has eggs or nestlings though, it’s illegal to disturb it. Just try to avoid the nest area if possible, don’t linger near or look at the nest, and hopefully the birds and you will get used to each other. The birds will only be nesting for a month or so.”

#15 Our Country (Malaysia) Has Been In Movement Control Order. This Is 10 Days Into The Lockdown

Image credits: jundesirehd

#16 A Sure Sign You Have Been Taking This "Stay At Home" Thing Seriously

Image credits: jolijuli

#17 Behold! The Miracle Of Nature That Is The Pigeon Nest

Image credits: TeatimeWithMatt

In addition to living rent-free on the homeowner’s property, the winged creatures also tend to use man-made materials at times. The Natural History Museum uncovered that birds might add debris and other bits and pieces to their nests to strengthen the structure, decorate it, or repel ectoparasites.

#18 My Wife Hung A Wreath On Our Front Door. In The First Week A Bird Built A Nest Inside The Wreath. Week Two, A Bird Built A Nest On Top Of The Wreath

Image credits: Rockin_freakapotamus

#19 Hummingbird Family Made A Nest In A Pair Of Hanging Pool Goggles

Image credits: MusclePussy

#20 This Is A Pic Of A Mourning Dove Which Made A Nest In My Bathroom, It Is On The Top Floor

I didn't scare off the dove by the picture nevertheless she is quite chill and not scared of us. We put some food and water in the bathroom.

Image credits: stone_monkey56

Depending on the species, birds build different types of nests. According to AZ Animals, they are categorized into cup, platform, burrow, scrape, mound, cavity, and hanging nests. The first one is arguably the most common one in the bird world, as well as in pictures showing the most random places birds choose to set them up. 

#21 This Is A Canadian Goose Named Dorthy. She Visits My Grandparents' House Every Year To Make Her Nest And Lay Her Eggs

Image credits: Thicc-Shibe3000

#22 An Urban Bird That Uses Cigarette Butts To Protect Its Chicks From Parasites. Harmful To Humans But Beneficial To Birds

Image credits: saitamakita

#23 Robin's Nest In The Top Of A Fence Post

Image credits: Automaticdealz

It is believed that the majority of birds do not reuse their nests. All the effort of building one typically goes down the drain once the birds and their babies abandon the construction after the nesting period. They start the intricate process all over again next season.

Some birds, however, skip the process of building one altogether. Bird Gap uncovered that the list of such species includes the Emperor Penguin, Common Potoo, Indigobird, and the Common Cuckoo, among others. They find a place for laying eggs that doesn’t require construction or simply leave their unhatched babies in other birds’ nests.

#24 A Hummingbird Made A Nest On The Handle Of My Parent’s Basketball Hoop

Image credits: jakeseyenipples

#25 An Old Jacket Hanging In The Woods With A Bird's Nest Built In The Pocket

Image credits: golden_blaze

#26 I Fed A Duck, And Then She Made A Nest 6 Feat From My Front Door

Image credits: FIunky

According to researchers’ 2021 data, there are roughly 9,700 species of birds, providing people with plenty of nests in random places, as well as beautiful bird vocalization. They also often become the stars of amusing content, such as these pics that went horribly wrong but ended up with hilarious results or this collection of the best bird memes posted online.

#27 Stork Family Built Their Nest In Between The McDonald's Sign

Image credits: Fenixstorm1

#28 A Hummingbird Made A Tiny Nest On A Christmas Light

Image credits: emliv

#29 Found At My Local Lowes

Image credits: TheFranchise36

#30 I Love Pigeons Because When It’s Time To Make A Nest They’re Like “Whatever”

Image credits: christapeterso

#31 My Sister Hung Her Bathing Suit Top Out To Dry. A Bird Started Building A Nest In The Cup

Image credits: SpreadySpaghetti

#32 Got A Little Surprise When I Got Home From Work

Image credits: superschmunk

#33 Birds Built A Nest In Our Window

Image credits: MissDarling92

#34 There Is A Bird's Nest In This "Tree"

Image credits: xXPloopyXx

#35 Came Home Today And Found This Bird On My Balcony Chair Fully Equipped With Nest And Egg

Image credits: eoc1994

#36 That Pigeon Nesting Between Anti-Pigeon Spikes

Image credits: Hubbiflubbi

#37 Bird Nesting In A Boot

Image credits: DogOnABike

#38 Left My Work Gloves Outside For A Couple Of Days. Went To Got Them And Found This

Image credits: another-modern-leper

#39 A Bird Laid Eggs On The Stairs Of Our Front Porch

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Bird Made Its Nest In My Mop

Image credits: stanlejm

#41 Going To The Track Today, But Found That Two Nesting Birds Had More Important Plans For My Helmets

Image credits: Dugger512

#42 Mobile Home

Image credits: Elvishgirl

#43 This Bird's Nest In My Dad's Helmet. They Hatched

Image credits: 15dynafxdb

#44 Second Year In A Row Robins Built A Nest On Our Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Image credits: angmarsilar

#45 Some Birds Built A Nest In One Of My Relative’s Grill, While It Was Still Closed

Image credits: PugOverload

#46 This Is Just Ridiculous

Image credits: BadNests

#47 This Bird Nest I Found On Top Of My Heavy Bag

Image credits: ilovemydumbdogs

#48 There's A Bird Nest In My Newspaper Slot

Image credits: kaaaathryn

#49 A Hummingbird Built Her Nest On The String Lights Above My Patio Table

Image credits: Mjzak1977

#50 This Duck That Laid Its Eggs In A Planter At My Work

Image credits: thepriceofrice

#51 Robin Created Nest In Back Of Elephant Planter

#52 Robin‘S Nest In The Top Of A Fence Post