50 Times People Caught Adorable Animals Flashing Their “Disney Eyes” And Just Had To Take A Picture

If you take a closer look at Disney's animal characters, you’ll notice they share one prominent feature. It’s the eyes bigger than the world itself. The post 50 Times People Caught Adorable Animals Flashing Their “Disney Eyes” And Just Had To Take A Picture first appeared on Bored Panda.

50 Times People Caught Adorable Animals Flashing Their “Disney Eyes” And Just Had To Take A Picture

If you take a closer look at some of Disney's animal characters, like Bambi, Simba, or the adorable 101 Dalmatians, you’ll notice they share one prominent feature.

It’s the eyes bigger than the world itself. No wonder that Snapchat filter that gave people exaggerated facial features with prominent eyes was such a hit on social media not so long ago.

This Reddit community named “Disney Eyes” is dedicated to pets that look like real-life Disney characters with impawsibly cute features. Below we wrapped up some of the most wholesome pictures shared on the community, so scroll down and upvote your favorite ones!

#1 Shall We All Agree That What Ever She Wants She Can Have It?

Image credits: Proud_Idiot

#2 He Is Not A Cat Or Dog, But I Think He Belongs Here, Too! (Not Mine Btw, But So Cute!)

Image credits: micindra

#3 Those Are Some Eyes

Image credits: cxxxlv

For most people, the cutest thing you have ever seen involves a baby, a puppy, or any other adorable animal. The chances are they have big captivating eyes that make them forever ingrained in your memory. This phenomenon has been observed for years, and scientists research this powerful attractive force that makes things appear intensely cute.

Morten L. Kringelbach, an associate professor and senior research fellow in neuroscience, together with colleagues Marc Bornstein from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and Catherine Alexander from the University of Oxford, assert that cuteness is a purely visual thing.

#4 I Hope One Eye Will Do

Image credits: caspian126

#5 Ying Yang

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#6 Just Found Out About Japanese Flying Squirrels

Image credits: Fawneh1359

“It works by involving all the senses and strongly attracting our attention by sparking rapid brain activity. In fact, cuteness may be one of the strongest forces that shape our behavior – potentially making us more compassionate,” the authors explain in their article for The Conversation.

Scientists believe that cuteness facilitates well-being and complex social relationships by activating brain networks associated with emotion and pleasure and triggering empathy and compassion.

“When we encounter something cute, it ignites fast brain activity in regions such as the orbitofrontal cortex, which are linked to emotion and pleasure. It also attracts our attention in a biased way: babies have privileged access to entering conscious awareness in our brains.”

#7 Everyone Says He Looks Like A Disney Character, So Here’s Snoot!

Image credits: jamiej27

#8 She Really Knows How To Pose For A Photo

Image credits: TifCiiD

#9 Pearl

Image credits: marcushelbling

Meanwhile, Eloise Stark from the psychiatry department at the University of Oxford argues that from the research scientists have so far, cuteness response is inclusive of everyone, regardless of whether you are a parent or not. The same goes for cute animals.

"This is why people are able to capitalize on cuteness in marketing, selling 'cute' toys like Hello Kitty. The cuteness activates the same brain mechanisms, regardless of whether the object is a baby, a puppy, or an object."

#10 He Is Only Here To Spread Joy. This Is Yohji, My Special Boi

Image credits: spicykimchisoup

#11 Ohh... ...oh My! Aren’t You The Most Adorable Thing That’s Just About To Eviscerate That Tree?!?

Image credits: atridir

#12 I Haven't Seen A Dog On This Subreddit In A While

Image credits: perdsoq_uwu

"We know that [when we see a young animal or child] there is a really fast burst of activity in the orbitofrontal cortex, an area of the brain involved in reward," Eloise says. "We think this early activity biases the brain towards processing the cute stimulus – for example, by making sure we give it our full attention. The effect of this may be to approach the infant or cute animal, wanting to pick it up or look after it."

#13 Big Blues

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#14 Oh Lawd

Image credits: mistyballs

#15 I Thought You All Would Appreciate This Little Guy~

Image credits: MightyAccelguard

#16 He Only Has The One Disney Eye, Still Counts Right?

Image credits: weeliz

#17 She Has The Disney Eyes Down Pat

Image credits: nothisissadie

#18 *stares At You In Cute*

Image credits: jjky665678

#19 Little Boba Looks Like She Came Straight Out Of A Disney Movie

Image credits: nicolebun

#20 Just Aww

Image credits: AmazingStarDust

#21 It Was A Rough Start For Nimbus, But She Grew Into Her Disney Eyes

Image credits: 211av8r

#22 Ferocious!

Image credits: KaleBrecht

#23 I Posted And Then Deleted Cause I Thought This Was A Cat-Only Subreddit But I Think Everyone Deserves To See This Beauty

Image credits: DinosAreCool2

#24 Sectoral Heterochromia

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#25 My, What Big Eyes

Image credits: magiciacat

#26 My Baby Got His First Jewelry Today. Never Seen A Better Mix Of Posh And Derpiness

Image credits: wet-robot

#27 Apparently, This Little Guy Also Belongs Here

Image credits: Pardonmyfuckinfrench

#28 Ovo

Image credits: jjky665678

#29 My Baby Domino Looks Like The Little Vampire!

Image credits: cthulhuassassin

#30 Too Precious Omg

Image credits: playboybunny420

#31 Shower Time For Lil Fella

Image credits: JagannathHyam

#32 Practicing Her Perfect Princess Pose

Image credits: sleepykitten12

#33 She Was Just Rescued From The Streets. Finding Her A New Home Shouldn't Be Too Hard With That Sweet Face

Image credits: JephriB

#34 Penny Is A Gift

Image credits: extraneous_details

#35 Ella’s Disney Eyes

Image credits: tenmaruun

#36 Onyx Eyes

Image credits: SakoDaemon

#37 It's This Little Princess's Birthday Today

Image credits: Kaboose-4-2-0-

#38 Cross Posting My Sweet Girl

Image credits: hitthebrownnote

#39 Say Hi To Our New Kitten, Lieutenant Dan!

Image credits: hotcheeto22

#40 This Is Zelda. Unfortunately, I Couldn’t Keep Him. He Was Born On A Farm And I Lived In An Apartment In The City, And He Was Not Happy There. He Now Loves With A New Family In A Big House With His Human Little Brother

Image credits: swejbfan

#41 The Void Would Like Some Snackies

Image credits: wakkykat

#42 There Once Was A Princess

Image credits: Wensjong

#43 Wife Took This, Sent It To Me At Work, And I Knew Exactly Where It Belongs. Our Sweet Boy Meeko In His Obnoxiously Photogenic Glory

Image credits: 1_Am_Providence

#44 The Face She Makes When My Husband Holds Her

Image credits: darbydiddle

#45 Not To Be Dramatic But I'd Die For Her

Image credits: BogFrog87

#46 My Silver Bengal Kitty, Mr. Meow

Image credits: liz_103

#47 Someone Suggested To Post This Pic Of Lucy Here:)

Image credits: sippinxx

#48 My Princess, Caterpillar

Image credits: grosstrashhag

#49 My Little Luna

Image credits: reddit.com

#50 Someone Suggested Z’s Ocean Eyes Belong Here ?

Image credits: siamese-momma13