50 Times Animals Goofed Around And Ended Up Requiring Human Assistance (New Pics)

Have no fear! Your owner is here! No doggy door, wall, window, or cardboard tube will stand in the way of the rescue attempt (cuddles included). The post 50 Times Animals Goofed Around And Ended Up Requiring Human Assistance (New Pics) first appeared on Bored Panda.

50 Times Animals Goofed Around And Ended Up Requiring Human Assistance (New Pics)

Whether your pet is extremely curious, incredibly playful, or simply enjoys the feeling of safety in a cramped den, sooner or later it might get stuck and require a helping paw to get out. At that moment, they might feel a tad scared, a trifle silly, and possibly even derpy. But have no fear! Your owner is here! No doggy door, wall, window, or cardboard tube will stand in the way of the rescue attempt (cuddles included).

Our animal-loving team here at Bored Panda has put together this collection of photos that perfectly encapsulate the feeling that, hey, maybe being super curious and trying to squeeze into tiny spaces isn’t always the right approach. Especially if your owner even ends up taking a picture to immortalize your funny expressions.

Check out the best of the best of stuck funny pet pics, and upvote the ones that really made your hearts thump faster, Pandas. Who would you rush to rescue first? Have you ever had to get your dog or cat out of a hairy situation? Tell us all about it in the comments.

If you feel like you’d love to rescue some animals stuck in strange nooks and crannies, then you should take a stroll down Bored Panda’s previous two articles right here and here. Cuteness? Check! Help required? Stat!! We’d rush to your aid every single time, animal buddies, you can count on that, guaranteed.

Bored Panda got in touch with the friendly team at the PDSA, the UK's leading veterinary charity, for a chat about animals getting stuck in things. PDSA Vet Claire Roberts was kind enough to shed some light as to why cats enjoy going into various nooks and crannies and explained what to do if we ever find our pets stuck. And remember, Pandas: though some situations might seem amusing to us, they might be very stressful for our animal companions. They might need our help!

#1 Somehow Our Dog Opened The Upstairs Screen Door And Ended Up Following Our Cat Onto The Roof. He Required Consoling Before Coming Back Inside

Image credits: CallMePancake

“The first thing to do is to stay as calm as possible. If it is safe for you to do so, you can see if you can free your pet, either by tempting them out with some of their favorite treats or by gently trying to get them free," PDSA Vet Claire told Bored Panda how pet owners should proceed if they find their beloved animals stuck somewhere.

"If they are afraid or stressed it is important to remember that they could lash out at you in fear," the vet said.

"If you are unable to free your pet yourself, call your vet or the RSPCA for their advice. Remember that sometimes, pets can have accidents and make mistakes. Some situations that look funny to us, may actually be very worrying and stressful for our pets and they may need our help," she noted.

#2 A Cat Story In 4 Pictures

Image credits: vylen

#3 I Just Left The Room For 10 Minutes

Image credits: RiziiKyi

PDSA Vet Claire also explained to us why animals, like cats, enjoy going into various nooks and crannies... places that may have our Feline Overlords ending up in articles like this one.

"We know that for cats, hiding can reduce their stress levels, especially if they are in new places or situations. This is probably because hidey-holes like cardboard boxes make cats feel safe and protected," Claire shared with us.

#4 I Lost My Dog For A Moment - Not Sure How Long She's Been Stuck There

Image credits: GriddyD

#5 "I've Made A Huge Mistake"

Image credits: MELBOT87

#6 "I Am So Done With My Life Now"

Image credits: SnowyMooncake

"These hidden spots feel warm and cozy, which is why they will sometimes sleep there. It’s also likely that curiosity plays its part, as cats will investigate new and interesting smells in their home," she said.

"Cats sometimes try to create their own hiding places, which is when they might be found in unusual spaces! Owners can help their cats by providing them with boxes and other safe hiding places to explore." So if you have any spare cardboard boxes somewhere in the garage or attic, now's your cue to hand them over to your cats, Pandas.

#7 Mistakes Were Made

Image credits: proygratoke

#8 My Cat Got Stuck Between The Glass Door And The Screen Door

Image credits: dylan_smith58

#9 Instant Regret

Anyone who’s ever raised an animal knows just how hard they can make us laugh when they get stuck somewhere they really shouldn’t have been snooping around. As long as nobody was hurt or too scared, it’s fine to have a little giggle.

But there’s a huge difference between a cat getting stuck in a flip-flop and your kitty ending up in the walls of your house, as though it’s hunting for ghosts in the darkest corners of the property. It’s also hard to compare your good boy or girl who’s gotten stuck in the couch or doggy door, and a canine who somehow, inexplicably, ended up on the roof. There’s only so much stress our poor hearts can take!

Calming your pet down should definitely be at the top of your priority list. Then it’s just a matter of carefully getting them out of the situation that they’ll probably end up in again very soon. It can be as simple as taking your floof out from between your couch pillows or disassembling a piece of furniture.

#10 My Boy Got Stuck On Top Of The Wardrobe Door Today

Image credits: FranciscoEverywhere

#11 What Goes In Doesn’t Always Come Out

#12 Sandals Are His Favorite Toy. Until He Gets Stuck And I Have To Save Him

Image credits: lebrunjemz

Though things can get as complicated as breaking apart your wall or fishing a raccoon out of a vending machine. Do you think the raccoon will reward us with snacks if we work quickly enough?

One thing that might help some pets not get stuck in the first place is if they stay slim and avoid all of the problems that come with being overweight. Obesity is a horrible thing that greatly impacts animals’ quality of life. They’re more prone to illness. They have less energy. They may be in pain. And they won’t live as long.

#13 Anyone Else Ever Had To Cut A Hole In Their Wall To Get To Their Trapped Cat?

Image credits: ChipperVA

#14 Neighbors Got A New Dog. He Seems To Really Love My Pug

Image credits: smease

#15 Left Unsupervised For 3 Minutes He Climbed Into The Sweatshirt And Was Found Trapped Like This

Image credits: 9999monkeys

We owe it to our pet pals to ensure that they get a healthy and nutritious diet and that they’re as fit as can be. It doesn’t mean that we have to radically change how we live. However, it will mean making various adjustments.

For instance, taking your dog on longer walks can be beneficial for you both. Taking your pet to see the vet can help a ton when putting together a quality meal plan that’ll help them slim down. What’s more, you can help your cat or dog move more by taking a bit of time to play with them, daily. It’s fun, it helps you bond, and it helps everyone get fitter.

During an interview a while back, Dr. Ernie Ward, the founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, told Bored Panda that obesity is the greatest health threat to cats.

#16 And Then He Realized, He Is Not A Cat

Image credits: regio15

#17 This Is How My Dog Greets Me At The Door Today

Image credits: dirtyfacedkid

#18 The Reason Cats Jump On Christmas Trees Is That Cats Want To Become Christmas Tree Ornaments

Image credits: reddit.com

“Feline obesity is more than ‘chonky,’ it's a biological time bomb. Obesity in cats is a serious disease with many severe consequences such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and many forms of cancer,” the specialist warned. “The worst part of feline obesity is that it reduces their life expectancy and dramatically reduces their quality of life. Cats with obesity desperately need our help.”

According to Dr. Ward, the main focus when helping our cats should be on what they eat. A whopping 90% of a cat’s weight loss journey is directly related to its diet. The rest comes down to getting enough physical activity.

“That's what it's so important cat owners precisely feed the correct number of calories each day. I recommend having your veterinarian assess your cat's current Body Condition Score (BCS), setting a target of an ideal weight, and calculating the number of calories you should feed each meal,” Dr. Ward said.

#19 "I've Made A Huge Mistake"

Image credits: mynameisjacky

#20 I Was Repotting My Agave When My I Looked Inside And Saw My Cat Like This

Image credits: VQ37HR911

#21 Mistakes Have Been Made

Image credits: mrriaa

“I strongly encourage cat owners to weigh the food using a kitchen scale. We've done experiments with cat owners and veterinary professionals and have consistently observed that using a measuring cup isn't as accurate as needed to achieve weight loss in many cases,” he told us.

“Even feeding as few as ten extra kibbles each day can add up to a pound of weight gain in a year for a cat. Once you get the hang of it, weighing the food takes no more time than using a measuring cup. Finally, work with your vet to adjust the diet or calories every three months if your cat isn't losing weight,” the specialist encouraged pet owners to work closely with their vets.

#22 Found A Raccoon In This Exact Position

Image credits: sam_pura_vida

#23 Pickles Likes Tuna More Than The Raccoons Apparently

Image credits: xPlatypusVenom

#24 She Knocked My Cup Of Milk Off The Counter And Proceeded To Get Her Head Stuck In The Cup

Image credits: RocketPuff

“I've seen too many cats who were being fed the same food for months without losing weight. When I ask them why, the pet parent shrugs, ‘I'm feeding the special food my vet prescribed.’ Weight loss is a journey with many unexpected turns and hills; you must stay alert and be willing to take a different path if you're not reaching your objective,” he said that owners have a responsibility to be more aware of what’s going on.

In Dr. Ward’s experience, all cats really need is 3 play sessions, each 5 minutes long, each day, to stay fit. You can use laser pointers, feather dusters, or bring a new cardboard box to keep them engaged.

#25 There Isn't Much That Can Make Me Smile But Seeing Mooshie Get Herself Stuck In Things And Pretending Like She Isn't Makes Me Smile A Lot

Image credits: chillygecko

#26 Meet Cooper. He Dug Himself A Hole And Got Stuck In It

Image credits: -heli0s

#27 This Isn't My Dog, But This Is How My Day Started

Image credits: Kurlysoo

“I also like using ‘hunter feeders’ and food puzzles to engage a cat's ‘inner predator.’ Use vertical surfaces, climbing towers, and other perches to allow your cat to climb and ‘stalk’ as much as possible. Environmental enrichment and exercise are essential for emotional and behavioral health as well as maintaining a lean body mass,” he suggested.

Though staying slim might help your pets avoid getting stuck in some cases, it won't protect them all the time: after all, they're still bound to be curious, playful, and sometimes even clumsy!

#28 She Was Chasing A Bug And Got Stuck

Image credits: Juniper118

#29 Mistakes Were Made

Image credits: brainphillps

#30 When You Attack The Yarn, But It Gets Stuck On Your Tongue

Image credits: boatdock18

#31 Owl Got Stuck In The Net, Delaying Our Game For 30 Minutes. He Was Removed And Is Currently In The Zoo

Image credits: BradyH4

#32 Squirrels On My Porch

Image credits: MedicalTrick5995

#33 Mom, Did You Call Me?

Image credits: _KVinS_

#34 My Sister's Dog Got Stuck Behind The Couch And Cried. She's Cute And Friendly, But A Bit Dumb. The Dog Isn't Too Bright Either

Image credits: RentonBrax

#35 Rat That Got Stuck In Sewer Grate And Needed A Team Of Firefighters To Get Her Out

Image credits: Berufstierrettung Rhein Neckar

#36 Great Job, Bobby

Image credits: Ben_S_Hyland

#37 Trash Panda Got Stuck In A Storm Drain

Image credits: SgtHurst_DPD

#38 She Likes To Nap On The Air Vent, But Always Gets Stuck To It

Image credits: Extirpative

#39 He Snack And Get Fat. But Most Importantly - Don't Fit Down Crack

Image credits: Josh Behling

#40 He Finally Got To The Top Of The Door. He Regrets Nothing

Image credits: mensrea26

#41 She’s Kind Of Ashamed To Be Stuck Again

Image credits: Icetox

#42 Clumsy Ninja

Image credits: SanthoshPSK

#43 Gerald Forgot How To Exit His Tube

Image credits: UnclePringlePak

#44 Woke Me Up To Get A Cheez-It Box Off His Head

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 So My Cat Got Her Head Stuck In A Roll Of Tape

Image credits: not-a-pretzel

#46 My Cat Wanted A Closer Look At The Birds

Image credits: marley2012

#47 He's Stuck. He Screams. He's A Cat

Image credits: Effective-Tie1291

#48 Our 3.5-Month-Old Puppy Has Become Quite The Escape Artist. Caught Her Stuck In This Failed Attempt Today

Image credits: artinsi

#49 "There Might Have Been Some Miscalculations In My Plan" -Dog

Image credits: StazzyDVlad

#50 It's A Trap

Image credits: dogismywitness