50 Completely Innocent Things That Get The Rest Of Us Thinking “They Knew What They Were Doing” (New Pics)

Some funny coincidences make you giggle. Others make you think there’s no way that was a coincidence in the first place and suggest that people knew exactly what they were doing. The post 50 Completely Innocent Things That Get The Rest Of Us Thinking “They Knew What They Were Doing” (New Pics) first appeared on Bored Panda.

50 Completely Innocent Things That Get The Rest Of Us Thinking “They Knew What They Were Doing” (New Pics)

Some funny coincidences make you giggle. Others make you think there’s no way that was a coincidence in the first place. When you see an ad with a somewhat ambiguous slogan or product placement that is so poorly arranged, it becomes a joke on its own, a thought is likely to cross your mind—the people in charge must have known what they were doing.

A lot of times, they do. Some of them surely know what they are doing and continue to do it, nevertheless. And their effort often ends up on the subreddit, fittingly titled ‘They Knew’. We have gathered some of their best examples, ranging from naughty slogans to odd looking food, and much more. Scroll down to find them on the list below and enjoy.

#1 They Knew This Room Number Was Perfect

Image credits: kiwiiikee

#2 Good On You George!

Image credits: eskihomer

#3 Imagine That, It Fits Perfectly!

Image credits: ListenItWillHear

Bored Panda got in touch with redditor u/YaBoiPotatoDestroyer, who is currently the one maintaining the subreddit and guarding it from, in their own words, “spam, bad posts, and repetitive reposts”. They shared that they became a moderator a couple of years ago, together with a fellow redditor that is no longer using the platform. 

Nowadays, u/YaBoiPotatoDestroyer is the only one responsible for ‘They Knew’. “I wanted to mod for the community because I like the subreddit and I love moderating since I've previously been a mod for r/S**tPostCrusaders,” they said.

#4 They Knew

Image credits: vsthemind

#5 They Knew

Image credits: JustinSane48

The moderator told Bored Panda a little about the subreddit’s history. “A Reddit user, whose name I don’t know, had the concept that became ‘They Knew’. The user itself and the mods at the time were just maintaining the subreddit as it slowly grew, until one day PewDiePie made a video on the subreddit reacting to its content.”

“The subreddit gained a massive popularity boost and the modteam even thanked PewDiePie for reviewing the subreddit in which, if I recall correctly, the mod said that they were quite overwhelmed with how popular the subreddit became and that they didn't quite know how to handle the subreddit from there on out. I assume the mod team was kinda dead at that point already.”

#6 Middle Age Church

Image credits: seguace_di_hog_rider

#7 Mother Nature Knew

Image credits: DriftlessHang

#8 Juicy Pie

Image credits: LuxGK

The redditor added that the moderator team and maintenance declined so hard, there was only one user remaining. “Even the main creator of the subreddit left for reasons I don’t know,” they said.

That one user wasn’t interested in keeping up with the maintenance of ‘They Knew’ and was looking for people to take it over; and that’s how u/YaBoiPotatoDestroyer got to the position they are in today. They told Bored Panda that they’re planning to take more matters into their hands and to create a new moderator team to take good care of the subreddit.

#9 Bicycle Stand

Image credits: Almighty4

#10 The Kid Definitely Knew

Image credits: raverrocker

#11 Yep, They Knew

Image credits: SlqSh_

“What I like the most about the subreddit are the new creative ways to find inappropriate messages that make you say: ‘They Knew’,” the moderator said.

“This subreddit is pretty much used for comedy content and I suppose it's also beneficial if you can use the images on a project where you’d normally have a hard time finding what you were looking for.”

#12 Dream Job

Image credits: SupremeCookiesxX

#13 Gonna Be A Great Day!

Image credits: maccumhaill

#14 I Asked If It Was Ironic Or A Bad Design Choice - Was Told I Needed To Think About It Myself

Image credits: Golux_Ironheart

The collection of pictures found in the ‘They Knew’ subreddit is clearly a colorful one. It boasts all kinds of unexpected sightings, from bizarre church billboard graphics to peculiar-looking ads, and everything in between, which poses the questions—what do they have in common and why are they funny?

What connects the images is the fact that the people responsible for whatever is depicted in them must have known exactly what they were doing. And it’s likely that they’ve arranged things in a peculiar way, creating certain juxtapositions or incongruity that we find funny.

#15 Whoever Made This Thing Didn’t Like Carrying It

Image credits: CrappyWaffleGun

#16 Oh Yeah They Knew

Image credits: FakeBenson

#17 They Certainly Knew

Image credits: RemarkableExplorer66

Incongruity theory is one of the three theories of humor (together with approaches based on superiority and relief). It is based on the factor of surprise typically in the form of unexpected outcomes or punchlines that seem incompatible with the situation. That might be one of the reasons ‘They Knew’ community members start giggling when they see a rather naughty-looking sign on the door of a family friendly store and similar images.

#18 How I Bang Your Mother

Image credits: Epoxhy

#19 Exit Or Entrance?

Image credits: gdrai

#20 Where My Iowans At?!

Image credits: mitchbequiet

According to The Conversation, the second one, based on superiority, is believed to be the oldest theory of humor out of the three. (Philosophers Aristotle and Plato arguably alluded to the idea thousands of years ago.) This approach accentuates the misfortunes of others, making their inferiority the butt of the joke. The third one, known as the relief theory, is built on releasing certain built-up tension through humor and laughing, especially at jokes related to taboo topics. 

#21 Big Black Lightning

Image credits: _kyuti

#22 "The Mixed Up Truck"

Image credits: Orgot

#23 Well

Image credits: SircFGC

If the pictures shared on the ‘They Knew’ subreddit look like your type of humor, make sure to view our previous collections of their images here and here.

#24 Come Again

Image credits: buzben

#25 It’s Possible They Didn’t Know

Image credits: camhumphreys

#26 Everything Reminds Me Of Her

Image credits: gideonindc

#27 I Shower To Get Clean... Not To Feel Even Dirtier

Image credits: LucidCunning

#28 Came Across This Bic Lighter Display At The Dollar Store

Image credits: PennyLane_87

#29 G̶l̶ass Rinser

Image credits: DreamWeaverY

#30 They Had To

Image credits: ArthurButNotKing

#31 Pokémon

Image credits: ESI85

#32 “Please Use Other Door”

Image credits: Dpurcell92

#33 Well Ok If I Need To

Image credits: Ferropal

#34 When They Named It, And When They Named Its Symbol

Image credits: HerbertRTarlekJr

#35 Subway Sus

Image credits: WaleedDaGr8

#36 Bruh

Image credits: Human_Bean08

#37 Let The Little Children Come To Me

Image credits: Hallonsorbet

#38 Received This Award…i Am In The Insurance Business

Image credits: StrunkerOSU

#39 Happy Easter ?

Image credits: invisabledj

#40 They Knew

Image credits: SnazberryDriver2021

#41 The Graphic Guy Had It

Image credits: Iam_Unknown17

#42 This Count?

Image credits: nomaddd79

#43 At Least One Person In The Church Knew

Image credits: christejada32

#44 Do They Know?

Image credits: lifecasting_keepsake

#45 Kellogg’s New Advertising Department Needs A Lower Case T For “Time To Leave”

Image credits: devilish_enchilada

#46 Tempting To Eat

Image credits: 0ntheverg3

#47 Well

Image credits: lame_guy_101

#48 They Must Have Known…

Image credits: gurneyguy101

#49 How Did They Not Realise?? Xxx

Image credits: IcyReplacement2707

#50 These Bathbombs

Image credits: Deano1234