44 Of The Funniest ‘You Had One Job’ Fails, As Shared By This Online Group (New Pics)

Thanks to this online community, we get to see a galore of cases when the inability to complete the simplest of tasks produced hilarious results. The post 44 Of The Funniest 'You Had One Job' Fails, As Shared By This Online Group (New Pics) first appeared on Bored Panda.

44 Of The Funniest ‘You Had One Job’ Fails, As Shared By This Online Group (New Pics)

Whether we like it or not — and let’s be honest, usually not — making mistakes at work is inevitable. No employee enjoys revealing to the entire world, not to mention their boss, how badly they failed. But it does happen, even to the people who just had one, an only, a single simple job on their to-do list and still managed to mess everything up.

Thanks to the 673k-member-strong corner of Reddit aptly named 'One Job,' we get to see a galore of cases when the inability to complete the simplest of tasks produced hilarious results. It’s an entertaining online community that’s on a mission to collect a side-splitting collection of pictures that brings occupational mishaps to broad daylight.

As people have been keeping themselves busy (or rather lazy), we at Bored Panda have scoured the page for the newest batch of pictures to share with you all. So continue scrolling for some of the funniest and hilariously miserable cases and upvote your favorite ones! And if you’re still screaming the classic "you had one job!" phrase, check out our earlier pieces on this feature right here, here and here.

#1 The Last Batch Of Spanish Passports Have "PAO" Written As "PA0" And People Cannot Get On Planes Because Of It

Image credits: MarxFuryRoad

#2 Odd Placement For That Particular Sign

Image credits: InCaRnAt3

#3 Lmaoo What Is This

Image credits: joepohlen

#4 Yes. Effort Definitely Involves No Effort

Image credits: SombreSilver

#5 Drawing A Baby

Image credits: leahmarilla

#6 I Don’t Know, That Wall Might Be Up To Something

Image credits: EliotJC533

#7 Have A Happy Tuesday

Image credits: Major-Frame9571

#8 Julian Are You Ok?

Image credits: howardkinsd

#9 Looks Good From My House!

Image credits: Tricky_Camel

#10 Photoshoping Can Be Hard

Image credits: LeapofAzzam

#11 Designed The Restaurant Menus, Boss

Image credits: nochancess

#12 New Bathroom At Work

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 Looks Like Tacobell Couldn’t Find The Inside Of A Taco

Image credits: carlewurtz

#14 “Hung Up The Flags Boss”

Image credits: Phantom-pheonex

#15 Something Tells Me A Floating Home Actually Needs To Float

Image credits: ParadeSit

#16 Ah Yes... That Is Definitely Japan

Image credits: The_wierdo_VK

#17 I'm Not Sure How To Get Passed The 1st Page Of This Survey

Image credits: switchblade_80

#18 Since 14 Together 20 / Together Since 1420

Image credits: Some-Faithlessness75

#19 ‘Anti-Graffiti’, Huh? (Waterloo Bridge)

Image credits: williambash

#20 I Have The Hypothesis That They Were Wrong

Image credits: nadie___3

#21 Did They Really Not Think Before They Wrote That Down?

Image credits: NotSpanishInqusition

#22 To Paint A Sign

Image credits: Flapu7

#23 When I Tried To Cut The Cheese

Image credits: After-Boysenberry-96

#24 Teaching Shapes To Kids

Image credits: acryptocrat

#25 Took Me A While To Figure This Out. It's An Upside Down Ear

Image credits: Numerend

#26 An Apartment Installed New Siding And Choked Their Ac Unit By Enclosing It

Image credits: Sorry_Sorry_Im_Sorry

#27 Kit Kat Without The Wafer

Image credits: SpicyTortillass

#28 Somebody Forgot To Add The Chips Before Baking

Image credits: adgvogamer

#29 Doesn't Look Optional To Me

Image credits: 0anonymousv

#30 Ah Yeah Shcool

Image credits: lorenzo-intenzo

#31 Ordered A Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger Without Tomato. Got Only Tomato

Image credits: Geryoneiis

#32 Wait I Remember That Character, It's Super-Man!

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#33 Bought A Melon, Received A Lemon

Image credits: visionarytune

#34 Guy Writes "Water Million" Then Translates It To Arabic

Image credits: NourEldin21P

#35 A Solar-Powered Parking Meter... Under A Tree

Image credits: that1edgyfox

#36 Placed The No Parking Sign, Boss

Image credits: fagermo

#37 Just Installed The Buttons Boss

Image credits: Nichopr

#38 Dude Sneaks Scissors On To Plane But Gets Water Bottle Confiscated By Tsa

Image credits: Eaglescoutgamer

#39 The Roundest Table I Ever Did See

Image credits: CasFromSask

#40 They Took The Word 'Sidewalk' Literally

Image credits: hueningkawaii

#41 All Drains In My School Are Above Floor Level

Image credits: pix3lstomper

#42 Scammer Talking To Herself

Image credits: kalshassan

#43 My Ice Cream Sandwich Only Came With One Chocolate Part

Image credits: Pokegamerguy

#44 Modern Art I Guess

Image credits: Zamiatow