105 Times Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Made The Internet A Funnier Place (New Pics)

The world’s your oyster—or absolutely anything else that you want, really—so long as you’ve got a dash of creativity and know how to photo edit pics. The post 105 Times Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Made The Internet A Funnier Place (New Pics) first appeared on Bored Panda.

105 Times Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Made The Internet A Funnier Place (New Pics)

The world’s your oyster—or, well, absolutely anything else that you want, really—so long as you’ve got a dash of creativity and know at least the basics of photo-editing software. You can remake any photo to match your wild imagination with a bit of patience. And if you make people laugh with joy with your end result, that’s your gift to the world.

One of the best corners of the internet is the r/photoshopbattles subreddit. A massive community numbering over 18.1 million members, it offers a perpetual invitation to square off against other internet users in image manipulation battles, both big and small.

Bored Panda has collected the best and most hilarious photoshopped pics, as shared on the sub, to bring a bit of humor into your lives, Pandas. Hopefully, these photo edits will inspire you to think outside the box more often and to have the courage to play around with silly ideas. Upvote your fave pics as you scroll down.

If you enjoyed what you saw, dear Pandas, then you’re very much welcome to check out our previous articles about the most impressive Photoshop battle pics right here, here, as well as over here. If this won’t inspire you to start learning how to photoshop things, nothing will.

#1 Two Cats In Cloaks

Image credits: Innova

Dominic Sberna, a professional photographer from Ohio, in the United States, was kind enough to answer Bored Panda's questions about the role that photo editing software plays in modern photography. You'll find our full interview with Dominic below, so be sure to check it out!

Bored Panda was curious to get photographer Dominic's opinion on the importance of knowing how to use photo editing software in this day and age. We wondered whether it's possible to do quality work without any editing at all. According to the pro photographer, the answer is that both paths are definitely possible.

"At the end of the day, any editing software is not going to turn a bad photo into a good photo. A quality photographer will have a good eye for the subject they are capturing. Editing the photo enhances the details that the camera does not pick up as well as the naked eye," he shared his insights.

#2 Cat Stands In Front Of Dogs

Image credits: Blackbeerdo

#3 Raccoon Eating A To-Go Sandwich

Image credits: evilmeow

"You can recover a photo sometimes too. I've been able to do this with work that I thought at the time would be a throwaway for whatever reason. So, it takes a good hand in both most times."

However, photo editing software (currently) has its limits. It's not a panacea to all of your photography problems!

"No amount of software is going to insert pixels in a way that will salvage a low-resolution image or anything of that nature. At least not that I'm presently aware of," photographer Dominic told us.

#4 This Cat Leaning On A Bar

Image credits: stomach

#5 Yawning Bonnet Macaque

Image credits: imgur.com

#6 These Miners In Uruguay

Image credits: NYCgallerydirector

According to the photographer how much you rely on software for retouching and post-processing will all depend on your end goals. You have to be honest with yourself about what your intent is and then see what tools will help you achieve that goal in the best possible way.

"It really depends what the person holding the camera is going for. If you're looking to make a quality photograph from an artistic perspective, then it would come down to the framing and how the scene is laid out."

He added: "Likewise if you're just looking to get a funny photo, don't sweat the small stuff like that."

#7 This Stretched Cat

Image credits: Trowaweg123

#8 This Painted-Over Cockroach

Image credits: HeroAntagonist

#9 Trump Drinking Water

Image credits: Jump_Yossarian

Photoshop blurs the line between photography, digital painting, and nothing short of pure magic. We firmly believe that making others laugh is a superpower. And if you’re consistently helping others smile and chuckle their way through another tough day at school or work, you’re doing something very right.

The ‘Photoshop Battles’ subreddit has been around since mid-January of 2012. In that decade, it’s grown massively. It’s easy to see why. Anyone can participate in the battles, so long as they heed the subreddit’s rules. Meanwhile, the base photos used for the battles themselves are incredibly cool. The ‘shopped pics are absolutely hilarious. And there is a general sense of FUN in the community. Our fingers are itching to up our own photoshopping skills to match the level of some of these grandmasters.

However, the beauty of Photoshop is that even if you’re not a pro and don’t have tons of experience, you can still create something that amuses literally millions of people around the globe. The idea is paramount. The execution itself doesn’t have to be flawless to get people to laugh. Though, of course, we value patience, hard work, and attention to detail very much.

#10 Pope Through The Glass

Image credits: Kit4242

#11 Hulk Hogan & His Dog

Image credits: MysteriousJello2

#12 Dog With A Wig On

Image credits: MaplezYT

First impressions matter. Often, the audience will focus on the subject first. Only then are they going to notice all the details that show that a real software master’s been at work. And if the person viewing the pics is well-versed in photo editing themselves, they can spot all the small nuances and extra care that some creators put into their pics.

A while back, Bored Panda had a wonderful chat about the role of Photoshop in modern photography with professional photographer Anna Chii. She explained how photo editing has become practically ubiquitous in the modern world.

“Often when people hear the word ‘Photoshop,’ they imagine Instagram girls which make their faces unrecognizable by ‘photoshopping’ them and think that Photoshop is used just for that. Actually, people mistake it with other apps like’“Facetune.’ Photoshop is a software package for working with digital imagery and is used not only for photography but also for design, video editing, photo manipulations, and more,” she started off by sharing the basics.

#13 Woman Practicing Yoga On The Beach

Image credits: ordiclic

#14 Soccer Coach Gets A Beer Shower

Image credits: Fatso-John

#15 A Dog Riding In The Car

Image credits: jstockton76

 “When we talk about photography, there is no single proven way of using this software when it comes to editing pictures. Every single photographer or retoucher has his or her own style, way of editing, or set of skills used for making the best photos possible. That’s why photoshopped pictures can look wildly differently: from waxy or plastic faces to an absolutely natural look. From drastic changes in face or body features to just color corrections. From creating a fantasy world around your subject to simply removing unwanted objects from the background,” the photographer told Bored Panda.

“From personal experience, after many years of learning and experimenting, shooting takes the least amount of time in comparison to the other parts of the process—planning and retouching,” she said that photoshopping pictures takes a lot of time.

#16 This Batman Action Figure With Mask Off

Image credits: Wiles731

#17 Sphynx Cat In Shower Cap

Image credits: organicalmondmilk

#18 The Underside Of A Sawfish

Image credits: rainer217

“I mostly take portraits. Usually, my clients are not professional models with heavy makeup, which covers all of their imperfections and barely requires any retouching. My models are people who want to have lovely pictures of themselves, who want to portray their lives and experience fun time while freezing those moments—without pressure or fear of being imperfect,” she said how different photographers might use photo editing very differently. Some rely on it less. Others, more.

#19 This Dog Falling Off The Car Seat

Image credits: ji-soo-

#20 Annoyed Dog

Image credits: fUnderdog

#21 This Monkey Face

Image credits: Quo_Vadis_Music

“I do believe that my clients need to get the best result they can get. And making a regular picture great requires not only taking pictures correctly from a technical point of view, but also adding some magic to each and every one of them,” photographer Anna noted that she retouches every single photo she takes, at least a bit.

#22 This Detergent Container

Image credits: WulfricTheSwift

#23 This Otter Holding A Fish

Image credits: Kogie13

#24 This Seal Peeking

Image credits: gehaut

“And it’s not about changing features, or making people look perfect and not representative of the way they look in real life. It’s about the small details, which make the photo stand out without making it look unrealistic. It’s about colors and lighting. About mood. Every person that I shoot has their own story and a unique aura. I want to make my pictures reflect the feeling I get when being with the person and share it throughout the final image. And it can take from half an hour to a couple of hours per image. Depends on the emotion I want to portray in the final picture,” she told us.

#25 This Firefighter And Marathon Runner In The Same Race

Image credits: supercoincidence

#26 The Grinch

Image credits: Scaulbylausis

#27 Crab Holding Fish

Image credits: luvintheride

“For me, Photoshop is not about changing the person in the picture, but about enhancing the quality of the picture. Correcting shadows and lighting, enhancing colors, correcting small details like wrinkles on clothes or makeup makes a huge difference. It can be done with the help of professionals—makeup artists, assistants, stylists. Before and during the shoot they will correct makeup, clothes, hair, hold a reflector for better light. And it can also be done during post-production in Photoshop. Almost the same result, simply a different way of achieving it. Producing a quality photograph requires time and effort. So Photoshop is not an easy way to get beautiful pictures with just a few clicks of a mouse.”

#28 A Yawning Cat

Image credits: NoteInABottle168

#29 Cat In A Beanie

Image credits: GlacticDragon

#30 Nicolas Cage As Dracula

Image credits: Likestuff12

#31 Policeman Bites Dog

Image credits: NotAYuropean

#32 A Street Vendor

Image credits: karlkokain

#33 These Rabbits Fighting

Image credits: mosiac_dreams

#34 Child Walking

Image credits: wilymon

#35 This Baby Barn Owl Photographed In Mid-Run

Image credits: D2077

#36 Broccoli Fish

Image credits: Vaauzy

#37 This Nasa Scientist Peeking Through The James Webb Space Telescope Sunshield

Image credits: OffshoreAttorney

#38 Kung Fu Bunnies

Image credits: Imagine_My_Words

#39 Squirrel Straddling Rocks

Image credits: Haisiel

#40 This Kid, Scared Of An Automatic Car Wash

Image credits: rubber_otter

#41 A Bird With Plastic Arms

Image credits: ToiletRollTubeGuy

#42 A Guy At The Airport With A Groundhog Made Out Of LEGO

Image credits: evilmeow

#43 Cat Realizing The Chair Ends

Image credits: me_obviously

#44 This Cat In A Shoe

Image credits: Classic_Discipline_7

#45 This Fan-Throated Lizard

Image credits: crust2dust

#46 Dog Covering His Eyes With Paws

Image credits: likelazarus

#47 A Chinese Baby In A Bucket

Image credits: hereticules

#48 This Bulldog Holding His Ball

Image credits: SmartPeoplePlayTuba

#49 Baby Cowboy

Image credits: Wanderer-Wonderer

#50 A Peculiar Eggplant

Image credits: Tobelebo9

#51 Two Actors Riding A Blue Thing

Image credits: KIFF_82

#52 Baby With A Mesh Strainer

Image credits: _MotherNorth_

#53 This Corvette's Headlight

Image credits: Intelligent-Act-7797

#54 This Yawning Cat

Image credits: Sken-Pitilkin

#55 The 3 Live Action Spider-Men

Image credits: pw3x

#56 This Wet Owl

Image credits: walkie_stalkie

#57 Mike Tyson And Arnold Schwarzenegger Playing Chess

Image credits: hoosyourdaddyo

#58 Lil Nas X Arriving At The Met Gala

Image credits: Cyancrackers

#59 This Snake With Unique Markings

Image credits: Wren1101

#60 This Tall Dog

Image credits: vinkulelu

#61 This Little Girl At The May Day Celebration In 1968, Russia

Image credits: 1Arbitrageur1

#62 This Cat Peeking Through An Opening Between The Bed Frame And The Mattress

Image credits: catchingonfire

#63 This Dog Has A Round Spot On His Fur

Image credits: toriaces

#64 Dog Missed His Ball

Image credits: thubakabra

#65 Baby Sleeping At The Breakfast Table

Image credits: Squidshellion

#66 Cat Under A Chair

Image credits: ToiletRollTubeGuy

#67 Baby Screaming Into A Phone

Image credits: matthew83128

#68 Baby Hippo Getting Spooked By Birds

Image credits: Jazzlike_Ingenuity99

#69 Man Who Dropped His Phone

Image credits: PaikD20

#70 This Puppy In His Halloween Costume

Image credits: laradrekko

#71 A Cat In A Lion Outfit Angrily Meowing At Another Cat

Image credits: mohamez

#72 Starfish Caught While Fishing

Image credits: JesusIsMySecondSon

#73 Cat On Top Of A Cat Tree Interrupted While Grooming

Image credits: NotTheOldRat

#74 This Cat Looking Out Of A Window

Image credits: esixar

#75 A Rat Looking Out A Window

Image credits: taykaybo

#76 Gandalf And Saruman In A Golf Cart On The Set Of Lord Of The Rings

Image credits: JimShimoda

#77 Johnny Depp And His Lawyers Exiting Court

Image credits: Call_Me_Jobb

#78 Willem Dafoe Posing For A Picture

Image credits: Naweezy

#79 Ginger Tabby In Ukrainian Rocket Launcher

Image credits: evissimus

#80 Dr. Dre Surrounded By Slim Shady Clones

Image credits: Deanbledblue

#81 Russian Firefighter Saving A Cat

Image credits: McWanghole

#82 Tesla About To Hit A Small Child Mannequin

Image credits: OptimusMax

#83 This Puppy Yawning

Image credits: pfund

#84 This Cat Waking Up From A Nap On A Wall

Image credits: ramblingzebra

#85 Distorted Cat

Image credits: anyau_

#86 Man Throwing Kid

Image credits: HubrisRapper

#87 Cat And Snowcat

Image credits: TheNamesClove

#88 Wandavision Cosplay

Image credits: i-love-tree-rats

#89 Biblically Accurate Sandwich

Image credits: ElectricCookieDough

#90 This Hedgehog Getting Anesthesia

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 Yawning Cat

Image credits: stra4nge

#92 This Alien Gargoyle On A Church

Image credits: Oakwwod777

#93 Gator Is Ready To Climb On Board

Image credits: nizowosa

#94 Fat Dog On The Couch

Image credits: creeper205861

#95 This Shadow Art

Image credits: Rohit59370

#96 This Image From Google Street View

Image credits: albene

#97 Husky Near A Grey Wolf

Image credits: bluuebunny

#98 Cats In A Cardboard Tank

Image credits: ToiletRollTubeGuy

#99 This Dog Trying To Reach Food Through The Seats

Image credits: imblackout

#100 Jonathan Banks' Birthday Card

Image credits: vasuashok10

#101 Prince And The Queen

Image credits: Ideal_Jerk

#102 This Lizard Holding Onto A Woman's Hair

Image credits: KinKaze

#103 Statue Invaded By Bees

Image credits: 25_piyush

#104 Swole Good Luck Cat

Image credits: wnose

#105 Expanding Foam Misfired, Glove Now Stuck

Image credits: FrankieMint