101 Cats Who Proved To Be Perfect Babysitters

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101 Cats Who Proved To Be Perfect Babysitters

The psychological benefits of owning a cat have long been documented. From reduced anxiety and stress to lower risk of heart disease and improved general well-being, there are countless ways our furballs enrich our lives.

If you have one, you know it. There’s nothing quite like a fluffy hug or a warm sit on your lap when you feel down. And cats shared in this list of pictures compiled by Bored Panda are clearly aware of their magical powers.

Call them feline babysitters or guards with whiskers, but one thing is clear, they are here for us, little and big ones, when we need them.

#1 My Son Has Loved My Cat Since The Day He Was Born. She Tolerates That Love In A Way I Never Thought Possible

Image credits: Queen_trash_mouth

#2 My Wife Just Sent Me This Picture Of Our Daughter And Cat. I'm Crying At Work

Image credits: m1le_B

#3 My Baby Is My Cat's Most Favorite Human

Image credits: Suspicious_Peach_528

#4 My 1.5-Year-Old Son And 14-Year-Old Cat Had A Moment This Morning

Image credits: mgrave22

#5 Best Friends

Image credits: compootering

#6 They Found Her

Image credits: reddit.com

#7 My Wife Is 30 Weeks Pregnant, And This Is How Her Cat Cuddles With Her

Image credits: Peter_Puppy

#8 This Is Not What I Bought This Crib For

Image credits: Repulsive-Worth5715

#9 Our Cat Had Kittens Days After We Had Our Baby. The Kitten Climbs Into The Lounger With A Baby Whenever He Has The Chance. These Two Were Destined To Be Best Buds

Image credits: Hoot2687

#10 My Wife Is Three Weeks Away From Her Due Date And Our Cats Love Snuggling Her Belly

Image credits: PlaymakerJavi

#11 Why Does My Cat, Whom I’ve Had For 10 Years, Lick My Baby? He Doesn’t Lick My Older 2 Kids (4 And 6), But I Can’t Get Him To Stop Licking My Baby

Image credits: Comfortable_Dream464

#12 Been Keeping The Cat Away From The Baby So Far But Decided To Let Him Get Close And See What He Would Do

Image credits: DunningKrooger

#13 Our Cat Is So Fascinated With Her New Baby Sister

Image credits: BruceInc

#14 Nanny Sleeps When The Baby Sleeps

Image credits: singhaandpaws

#15 Baby, His Cat And A Squirrel

Image credits: bucky716

#16 Cat Who Hates And Attacks/Runs From Everybody But Owner Now Madly In Love With Two-Week-Old "Sister". Keeps A Watchful Eye Out When Anybody Holds The Baby

Comes running every time she cries with a head bump to console her too.

Image credits: TheMajesticJewnicorn

#17 My Sister Recently Had Her First Baby. I Took This Picture When She Introduced Him To Her Cat

Image credits: RyanH129

#18 We Forgot To Tell Our Cat That We Had A Baby

Image credits: manychairs

#19 My Twin Cats Meeting Their New Baby Brother

Image credits: Grodeur

#20 My Son Has Learned A Lot From His Babysitter

Image credits: CatVideoFest

#21 Tonight Is Their Cartoon Evening

Image credits: babybluebubu

#22 Apparently, A Cat Is Also Suitable As A 'Babysitter'

Image credits: nitrosexty9

#23 14-Year-Old Photos Of My Four-Legged Babysitter Watching Me

Image credits: Ahsoka_Tano07

#24 I Have The Cutest Babysitter

Image credits: MijnnaamiFbeeFt

#25 I Think They're Gonna Be Friends

Image credits: ClydeSmithy

#26 This Friendship

Image credits: elodiesfeir

#27 Our Baby Sitters Utilizing The Surround And Protect Strategy

Image credits: fifa71086

#28 Keeping Tabs On The Little One

Image credits: barncatbloopy

#29 Professional Babysitter

Image credits: pinkeskimo

#30 This Cat And The Child

Image credits: aleagueofmyown

#31 Cat And Baby

Image credits: Lux_503

#32 This Little Girl Knows How To Nap. 7 Kitty Guards

Image credits: crete_and_pandora

#33 Watching The Scenery Together

Image credits: hailey.meow

#34 5-Year-Old Boy, 16-Year-Old Bro

Image credits: BigLosDaBoss

#35 Steve B’s Babysitting Service Is Not Just For Kittens, I Also Love Human Babies Very Very Much

Image credits: thedailysteveb

#36 No, I Am Not In A Prison, I Am In My Little Human's Crib

Image credits: coco_n_tommy

#37 I Rescued Nuka And She’s Helped Nanny My Babies For 9 Years

Image credits: TheTiniestGhoul

#38 Babysitter Cat

Image credits: Csanoob

#39 Mr. Weasley, Sitter Of Children

Image credits: narcoticnarcissist

#40 Where Do You Find Babysitters Like This One? I'm Interested

#41 When Tora Works Hard For His Treats

Image credits: littletorababy

#42 The Best Babysitter

Image credits: agata_siberian

#43 Daisy Is The Best Big Sister. Daisy Purrs On Her Head Until She Falls Asleep

Image credits: ktnriquez

#44 Rain Watching With Didi

Image credits: pockyhkcat

#45 Babysitter Ding: "Although My Younger Brother Pinched Me Secretly, I Still Act Like A Baby With Him. Am I A Good-Tempered Meow?"

Image credits: mumu_dingding

#46 My Baby And My Cat Are Becoming Friends

Image credits: vinsm

#47 Cat Snugging My Wife’s Pregnant Belly. He Was Rubbing His Face On Her Belly All Evening. (Went To The Doctor Today, The Baby Could Arrive Any Day Now)

Image credits: PlaymakerJavi

#48 My Cats Discovering They’re No Longer The Babies

Image credits: Grapril

#49 Nanny

Image credits: _psylosin_

#50 Babysitter's Morning Kisses

Image credits: Lanky_Information166

#51 My New Babysitter. We Pay Her In Catnip

Image credits: icouldcareless1111

#52 Have You Ever Seen Anything Sweeter?

Image credits: lepote_dana

#53 It Is Hard To Get Good Nannies In These Times

Image credits: Megameg2000

#54 Babysitter

Image credits: Marcabruno

#55 Professional Babysitter Over Here

Image credits: chickenminim0

#56 Your Shift Now

#57 So Adorable, The Nanny Is Reading To Him

Image credits: sheenajibson

#58 Nanny Will Take Care Of The Baby Now

Image credits: ciegetey

#59 Apparently, I'm Some Sort Of A Bed For Cats And Babies

Image credits: Gazelles8

#60 Rin-Chan, Who Has Been Watching Over My Son's Growth Since He Was Born, Thank You

Image credits: mikeneko.rinchan

#61 The Babysitter That Sometimes Sits On The Baby

Image credits: Decembrio

#62 Both Of My Babies Are Sleeping

Image credits: chiarasarna

#63 Siblings Playing

Image credits: catsastridandfreya

#64 Introducing Our New Family Member - His Infant Name Is Jerry. We Are So Surprised That Tom Yau Immediately Becomes The Most Caring Babysitter

Image credits: tinyau_meow

#65 She Purrs And Takes Care Of Children. It's Hard To Dream Of A Better Cat

Image credits: bonjour_pola

#66 Best Friends

Image credits: catsastridandfreya

#67 Before Going To School

Image credits: yujin__j

#68 Cat Babysitting A Baby

Image credits: sesamix_high

#69 How Did It Happen?

Image credits: urszi_cat

#70 Just Miss Mustard Babysitting Our Infant

Image credits: chikibunbie

#71 My Kids With Their Fluffy Guardian

Image credits: Ok-Lawfulness8356

#72 The Cutie's Babysitter. Our Little Neo

Image credits: neo_n_louis

#73 My Niece And Her Babysitter, Angus

Image credits: AmbitiousTank1

#74 Being A Good Sister And Looking After My Little Brother

Image credits: holly_and_lily_purrfection

#75 Babysitter And Best Friend At The Same Time

Image credits: sashkaromashka

#76 Our Aunt Banban Is Taking Care Of The Little Baby Very Seriously

Image credits: banban_catlife

#77 The Cutest Babysitter

Image credits: soft.stompers

#78 Cats Make The Best Babysitters

Image credits: briandow2

#79 A Baby And A Cat. That Is All

Image credits: kevinludlow

#80 This No-Nonsense Nanny Disapproves Of Any Interruptions To Baby’s Strict Sleep Schedule

Image credits: evissimus

#81 Don’t Worry Ludo, I’m With You

Image credits: pannulinigram

#82 7 Years Ago. I Will Always Treasure This Memory And Picture. Zane Is Now 12 And Lola Is No Longer With Us. She Was The Sweetest Kitty And Zane Was Always Her Boy. I Miss Her

Image credits: catskillmountainsclowder

#83 Babysitter

Image credits: barkinchicken

#84 Sleep Well Baby, Nanny's Here

#85 Big Brother Babysitting

Image credits: tortu767

#86 Meet My Big Sister And Unpaid Babysitter. Her Name Is Eevee

Image credits: dantezidaj

#87 Of Course, My Full-Time Job Is A Professional Napper And Treat Eater, But I Offer Babysitting Services On The Side

Image credits: noelliecat

#88 Cat Babysitter

Image credits: neko.circle.onigiri

#89 Nap Time

Image credits: crete_and_pandora

#90 My Kid And Cat This Morning

Image credits: dryhuot23

#91 Just A Girl And Her Kitty

Image credits: clbarlow

#92 I Might’ve Found The Only Cat Willing To Cuddle A Human Child Who’s Perfect For My Cuddly Baby

Image credits: lashley66

#93 My Little Babysitter

Image credits: thisisbrit

#94 Play Time

Image credits: tysonscatworld

#95 When You Have A Babysitter At Home

Image credits: viktorija.kat

#96 Nanny Cat

Image credits: Legitimate-Pin-9448

#97 Babysitter

Image credits: tehnaku

#98 Babysitting While The Little One Is Sleeping

Image credits: mctmcr

#99 Professional Babysitter At Work

Image credits: pumpkin-from

#100 Cat Baby-Sitteuse

Image credits: pavlova.the.siberian

#101 A Baby Sitter. Although, He's Not Doing A Very Good Job

Image credits: NoxofLight

#102 My Cats Discovering They’re No Longer The Babies

#103 Update: For Everyone Asking About The Other Cat Snugging My Wife’s Pregnant Belly, Here He Is. He Was Rubbing His Face On Her Belly All Evening. (Went To The Doctor Today, The Baby Could Arrive Any Day Now!)

#104 Neighborhood Cat Meets The Baby For The First Time

#105 It Is Hard To Get Good Nannies In These Times